Cosmetics for men LANCELOT

Design labels and packaging

Men's cosmetic line called LANCELOT asks for an interesting topic for design as everyone loves stories about knights, so for the logo we have chosen a traditional shield and recognizable silhouette of the medieval ramparts. The shield and the wall are not only playing around name of the logo, but also illustrate skin protection.

Shield was placed behind the logo, in the center and balances the whole composition. Such symmetrical balanced logo ideally places on the package with cylindrical surface - vials, tubes, jars.

Continues knight theme in decorative element in the form of crossed swords - it appears on the bottom of the package next to the product name.

Men are very conservative in matters of what to choose as care about their skin, so most brands adheres to the design of the traditional blue-and-white palette. We decided to choose the original color, but do not stray too far from tradition: bottles, labels and boxes LANCELOT line painted in deep blue-green metallic which shade blends nicely with steel logo’s shine.