DESIGN STUDIO K2D — a design studio, who’s main directions are: branding, digital communications and the development of packaging design and labels. We create solutions that are always functional, effective and relevant.

Our team is able to carry out projects of any scale and complexity. Every year the list of our clients gets updated with new ambitious companies.


We develop ideas and form a unique brand image in order to effectively promote our company on the market. We are coming up with the name, design logos and corporate identities, create visual communication and collect it in a brand book or a guideline.

  • Copyright and brand communication strategies
  • Development of logos and corporate identities
  • Brand book creating
  • Development of visual image “KEY VISUAL”
  • Creating of navigation systems

We create websites and carry out a full cycle of work on them. It can be a simple landing page, promo-websites, or complicated interfaces for websites or mobile applications. Using adaptive design, which changes the display on different screens using CSS media queries. Additionally, we use JavaScript, which changes the display and behavior of the page depending on the device.

  • Analysis of competitive environment and prototyping
  • Website design and interface
  • Creating of illustrations and 3D-visualizations
  • Development of mobile applications
  • Adaptve web design of any difficulty

We create the right package and memorable design that stands out among the many competitors and brings the brand success. We know that product packaging is the main communication between the consumer and the brand. We always take into account that the design should match the brand positioning and characteristics of the market.

  • Analysis and concept development
  • Creating of package form
  • Label design
  • Package design

Polygraph design is a full range of high quality services. It is important that any contact with the promotional materials has been effective. Printed materials is a strategic tool for communication with both consumers and business partners.

  • Design and layout of catalogs
  • Design of brochures
  • Design of posters
  • Creating annual reports
Sergey Kamaev
Elena Koole
Art Director
Andrey Kamaev
Art Director
Alena Shanova
Ilya Anikin
Natalia Kravchuk
Maker-up designer
We believe in experience and intuition
Working in the field of graphic design for more than ten years, we have gained unique experience and a large-scale portfolio. We are confident that we can make the customer an offer that will exceed their expectations.
We believe in brands
Branding strategy works: year by year we are watching how they lead our clients to success. We admire that marketers and brand managers, whose ideas and methods is a source of inspiration fot us. Each successful design begins with a well-formulated problem - a clear analysis of the market, logical strategy and precise positioning of the brand. We speak with a customer in only one language - the language of brand creators.
We believe in direct contact
In K2D studios we do not have a long chain of managers and art directors, therefore, that is why it is so easy and comfortable to work with us. Each client can communicate directly with all those people involved in his work project: designer, copywriter, illustrator, photographer. We believe that any personal contact makes the process more productive and interesting.
To correctly understand the marketing objectives and technological possibilities of the client – is already a half way to success. We are ready for a deep dive into the project.
If the decision of client’s tasks requires additional specialists (illustrators, programmers, photographers, copywriters, photo editors, and so on), we will attract them to work on the project. Our customers get everything they need, quickly and inexpensively.
Any problem can always be solved in different ways. We offer not only one solution, but several solutions.
We offer solutions and we explain how they work. We are ready to present our arguments in a way which our customer wants: in the form of oral presentation or by written commentaries.